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Accredited by the National Association of Private Schools

Tuition is affordable and payment plans are available.

Founder Dr. Leicha Shaver

Who We Are

We are a private high school that offers full service educational programs for ninth through twelfth grades with post-graduation support. API incorporates within its programs flexible scheduling, college credit hours, internships, and individualized instruction. Graduation requirements are aligned with the required course list of the State of Texas. Students are offered the opportunity to complete a coherent sequence of courses consistent with the State of Texas HB5 endorsements in the areas of business/industry and multi-disciplinary studies.

Exceptional Opportunities

An exceptional opportunity offered at API is its competitive basketball program that participates nationally where multiple media outlets are present. Plans are in the works to offer a full range of sports for all students.

Another unique feature of API will be the induction of its international program which will provide opportunities for global exposure and awareness. API believes our customized approach to teaching and learning is highly effective and relevant to today’s students.

Advanced Preparatory International (API) is a private high school located in Dallas, Texas, serving students in grades 9 – 12

API Vision

To be a world-class educational institution that guides students, both Nationally and Internationally, to their destinies through the areas of academics, athletics, personal character, college and career experiences, while utilizing a sustainable transformation model.

Accreditation and Acceptance

Advanced Preparatory International is accredited by the National Association of Private Schools.  Upon requirement completion, students will receive a diploma and transcript certified and bearing the seal of the National Association of Private Schools.  API students join other students who have graduated from NAPS accredited schools to attend colleges and universities including: community, regional, state, and technical schools; military services; church and educational ministries; business ownerships; and the workforce.*  API is registered with the College Board for ACT/SAT testing programs (CEEB #441898) and is in the process of membership registration with NCAA.

High school graduation requires course completion that is aligned with the Graduation Requirements of the State of Texas.


Institutional Certification

Advanced Preparatory International is recognized by the State of Texas as an educational institution and as a non-profit organization.

API Core Values and Mission

Academic Performance

  • API implements data driven instruction and monitors that instruction to ensure academic success.

Use of Quality Student Data

  • API uses student data to establish individual plans including academic plans, athletic plans, and post-secondary goals to address the areas of college and career.

Student Leadership Effectiveness

  • Student leadership effectiveness targets the need for student leadership on and off the campus to prepare students to become world class citizens.

Innovative and Effective Learning Time

  • API provides flexible scheduling that allows time for additional instructional minutes, enrichment activities, and staff collaborative planning time.

Family and Community Engagement

  • Our family and community engagement calls for increased opportunities for input from parents and the community stakeholders to address the need for effective communication and access to community services.

School Climate

  • Our school climate recognizes increased attendance and reduced discipline referrals as indicators of a positive and welcoming environment. Increased participation and attendance in extracurricular activities is another sign that our students will feel supported by an affirming school climate.

Instructional Quality

  • Instructional quality focuses on the need to recruit and retain effective instructors in academic and athletic areas while also supporting current staff with on-going job-embedded professional development.